IFS and MYT: How the dual token system will work

The economy of Melaxy will operate on a dual token system, Using MYT for your in game purchases and exchanges, MYT will be used for the purchase of in game assets, SpaceShips and other items.

Dual token systems provide many benefits both for players and developers

Additional uses of MYT include upgrading and modification of SpaceShip parts, The construction of mining equipment and MYT will be used as a transaction fee in the secondary market.

In phase 1 of MELAXY all planets whether stable or chaotic will generate MYT.

Additionally MELAXY will have IFS token. This will be the decentralised governance token of MELAXY and will be used for more complex and advanced purchases. IFS holders will have votes in decisions relating to game development, The goals and construction of the project roadmap. IFS holders will also have a say in revenue distribution. We want to allow invested players to have control over the future of MELAXY. Alliance members and IFS holders will have a right to vote on guild governance.

Why dual token?

The MELAXY team fully believes that players have a right to full ownership of their in game assets, Using both MYT and IFS allows a player controlled economy to encourage play to earn. We want the explorers of MELAXY to get the most out of the game and to have input in as many factors of the MELAXY experience as possible. A dual token economy is a staple of Game-Fi as it helps to divide the project’s ecosystem providing better accessibility to players.


MELAXY is a space exploration and mining game in the metaverse, In MELAXY players will travel a mysterious galaxy on the hunt for riches beyond their wildest dreams but be careful, Space is beautiful but foreboding and you will not be alone in your hunt for treasure.

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